A convergence.

In ancient greek it means gathering, host, multitude, or crowd. In biblical terms it was a word to decribe the outsiders of the pentecost.

For us, it is simply the word for a circle of artists, passionate souls, who connect to each other through their longing to work and discover the precious truths revealed through their art.

The Ochlos Theatre Lab

In life, finding an harmonic soul is sacred. Even more miraculous is finding one in art.

Therefore, Ochlos is a home where these artists can converge, work, share, support, and keep connected.

Many of the Ochlos artists have their own theatre companies and work and train all over the world.

But Ochlos is here to keep them touching.

Ochlos is the gathering.

We gather to create.

The Ochlos Theatre Lab was founded by Carol Ellis
New York City, NY 2004
In 2006 OTL moved to the Bay Area
Now we are based in Sebastopol, CA